August 2019 isC

  1. Distribute and review the 2019 Co-op Statement.  Do you have any claims to submit?  All claims must be submitted within 60 days of invoice.  
  2. The Fall Kick-Off Meetings are coming up!  Please make sure you register for the meeting you will be attending:
    1. Rochester - September 4 10am -Noon
    2. Syracuse - September 5  10am - Noon
    3. Erie, PA - September 10   9am - 11am
    4. Buffalo - September 12   9am - 11am
  1. Mark has released his fall technical training schedule, which includes Mitsubishi Field Service Course, Gas Furnace Review, and Trane RTU Service courses.  Click HERE to go to our Training page, and register today!
  1. The Nexia Quick Start Guide has been updated.  Click HERE for the guide, which can be left behind with the homeowner, making it easier for them to sign up for Nexia.  
  2. In order to meet the new FER standards, Trane reengineered the S Series Furnace to have higher operating temperatures than before.  Due to this, the value line 4GXC and 4MXC coils will requre a kit to protect the quality and integrity of the coil's drain pan. Click HERE for more product information.   
  3. It's finally here!  We now have stock of the new XR724 WiFi, black & white, touchscreen control that replaces the XR624.  Click HERE for more product information.  



  1. Review and discuss the TCS Google Review Report, with data from 1/1/19 - 7/31/19.
  2. Review and discuss the Fall Promotion Sales Plan.    
  3. Watch the "Marketing Snippet" on Buzzboard!  Click HERE for the Buzzboard Definitions document mentioned in the video.  

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